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The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (FESS) is the largest Faculty at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). FESS aspires to be a dynamic and innovative centre known locally, nationally and internationally as a first-class teaching, learning and research Faculty. For its age and size, FESS is making a record in the education and training of experts in different fields of education and the social sciences. The faculty is growing fast in terms of student and staff numbers. FESS was set up to offer ample opportunity for first-class teaching, learning and research, while at the same time being strongly linked to key issues currently prevalent in society.

The Faculty is doing its utmost to facilitate and to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration in research and teaching in areas addressing important societal challenges. To maintain and further strengthen its emerging excellence in research, teaching and extension, FESS has made deliberate choices to start programs that promote collaboration across disciplines and faculties and strongly support the academic career development of its staff and students.

Key research indicators show strong growth, with increases in research applications, research income, postgraduate numbers and activities complementing the strong gains in research outputs. FESS places a premium on the independent pursuit of knowledge through critical inquiry and the advancement of new ideas with academic staff expected to engage in high-quality research and knowledge transfer activities. Accordingly, FESS values and supports research efforts of all academic members of staff while at the same time recognizing that research areas need to be prioritized so that an effective research infrastructure, supported by appropriate human and physical resources, can be developed.

In line with its ambition to strengthen connections with external stakeholders and partners, FESS research ethos creates a focus on synergistic combination of different disciplines through which fertile new fields of knowledge emerge.

The Faculty acknowledges that meaningful collaboration between disciplines is a significant advantage in a world that now recognizes that many problems are not the province of any one specialization, but are best tackled by multidisciplinary teams.

Convergence research transcends the traditional dichotomy between basic and applied research by accelerating the application of basic research outputs to impact and benefit the economy and society.

FESS combines academic excellence and expertise with a focus on strategic applied research, innovation, and knowledge transfer. FESS graduates demonstrate outstanding achievements in advancing knowledge and making breakthroughs of relevance to the economic, social and cultural development of society.

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