Undergraduate Programmes

 Bachelor of Education (Arts)

 Bachelor of Education French 

 Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication 

 Bachelor of Early Childhood 

 Bachelor of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

 Department offers Communication Skills I & II courses to all students in the university in their first year of study.

Masters Programmes

• M.Ed in Kiswahili 

• M.Ed in English 

• MA in Applied Linguistic (English) 

• MA in Literature 

• M.Ed in French (New, Started in May 2015.

• Masters in Performing Arts (To begin in August 2015)

Doctoral courses

• PhD in Kiswahili

• PhD in English (New, intake is progress)

• PhD in Literature (To begin in August 2015)

• PhD in French ( In draft form, to start January 2016)

• PhD in Performing Arts (To begin in August 2015)

Tertiary Level Courses

 Diploma in French (To begin in August 2015)

 Certificate Course in French ( New, intake is progress)

The department strives to impart language skills and knowledge to the students that would give them competitive edges in the world of work nationally and internationally and in social, economic, political and environmental engineering throughout their lives.

Due to the high number of courses and programmes offered in the department, we continually seek the help of qualified persons from other universities locally and internationally who can offer their services as part time lecturers, adjunct lecturers, examiners and thesis supervisors. Persons who meet the qualifications and are interested in offering their services in one of the stated positions can send their app

Chair of Department

Ms. Susan Choge 
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