The Department of Language and Literature Education is one of the departments in the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences. It has been in existence since the inception of the university in 2003. It is the home to all language programmes and courses. Currently the department has five subsections namely Kiswahili, English, Literature, French and Communication Skills It is the largest department in terms of students, lecturers and courses offered in each semester. It serves about 3500 students per year. It offers between 190 and 220 courses per semester which are taught by 24 regular staff and a number of part time lecturers. These courses are offered to the students taking the following programmes

Language, literature and communication have an indispensable symbiotic relationship. The Department of Language and Literature was established on this basis; that the areas can be used in Education, as tools of learning, communication, and of expressing one’s culture. An innovation that marks the departure from conventional practice is the interdisciplinary and integrative nature of the Department. It offers Linguistics, Literature, Language Education and Kiswahili courses leading to the Bachelor of Education (Arts), Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics), Master of Education (English) Master of Education (Kiswahili) and PhD (Kiswahili) degrees. Currently the focus is on English, Kiswahili and French. The curriculum is being expanded to include other African as well as foreign languages such as Chinese, Japanese and German.

Chair of Department

Ms. Susan Choge 
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